Sunday night singles

Dear Ladies –

I am introducing you to my journey – to find both a great work life balance and love in New York city. A hard task for any woman post 25!

I recently became single (and/or its been 6 months) after 12 years, at the age of 38. A girls biggest nightmare! So I will share my journey with you – how I am navigating the dating life in New York city. Would love your input & tips along the way.

So tonight I was going to meet up with A. I met him on the League, which is one of thew newer dating aps in New York (at least new for me). He seemed really normal and nice, lived most of his life in Washington DC, moved to New York – worked in Finance and lived in Sutton Place.

We decided to meet at 6:30, but I was running late so I suggested 6:45. I have a go to bar on the Upper East side for first dates. The bartender and I are friends, I enjoy the atmosphere and it is not to loud. I arrived at 6:50, he was not there. I ordered a drink at the bar and opened my book about Israel, a place I am going this week (doing research).

By 08:30, he hadn’t shown up so I texted him – this was our dialog:

A: So now I am late

L: Ok! I was going to head over shortly, what time do you think you will be there? Let me know.

A: Ha, ok! But I slower my roll after your text.

L: I am not sure what that means, 7?

L: I just got here, sitting at the bar, it is on 85th & 2nd (7:10 pm)

L: Are you coming? If you are not, I would rather you let me know. Either way, hope everything is ok (7:51 pm)

I leave and go home.

A: Yeah, sorry, I thought I texted you (8:10 pm)

L: I just got home, I left the bar. If you want to still meet, you will have to come to me. I live on 89th & Lex, there is a bar on 90th & 3rd (8:24) pm)

A: Ok, later?

L: What are you thinking?

A: 10:30

L: I don’t think that is going to work for me.

It is so disappointing that men behave this way. I think the most disappointing is you try to be a good person, go in with the right intentions, and this is still with what you are faced? Is it really that hard to be normal, to find someone normal?

I wonder about the world, but will continue my journey to find live and happiness, with yo on the ride!

Good night and have a great start to the week!